View Office 365 Encrypted Email on iPhone Using Builtin Mail Client

Using an iPhone and trying to open an Office 365 encrypted email? Should be easy right?

Click on the email.


Click read the message



If you received the email to a Gmail account then you can sign in with your Google account. However if you dont then you have to use a One-Time pass-code



Open the new email sent to you containing the one time passcode


Go back to the encrypted email and oh no the pass-code is incorrect!



So what is happening is that the default iPhone mail client doesn’t open the email in a web browser instead it uses itself to view the web page. The trouble is going back to the original encrypted email sends you a new pass-code and the vicious circle continues.

The way to view them was to install the OME Viewer from the app store and open the message using that. Unfortunately it’s now been discontinued

so if you want to view encrypted emails on an iPhone you need to be using the Outlook app.



Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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