Ubiqiti Unifi How To Print From Guest Wireless To A Printer On The Network

You setup a secure segregated guest network and then bugger a guest needs to print some important documents using your printer!

Within your Unifi controller go into the settings of the site by clicking on the cog icon.

First for this to work your printer must have a static IP address on the network.

  • Click on Guest Control.
  • Scroll down to the Access Control section and add the IP address of each printer into the ‘Pre-Authorization Access’ section. Enter individual IP address followed by /32 to specify the address as a single device on the network.
  • Press ‘Apply Changes’ and allow the devices to provision then install the printer directly to the guests laptop using the IP address.
  • Your guest can now print to your office network from the guest wifi without excessively compromising your network.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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  1. Hi
    I have two guest networks
    How to share a printer but only for one guest network?

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