South Coast Summit Power Platform Hackathon 2021

In October me and some colleagues visited the South Coast Summit over in Southampton and we had a blast and no only because we came second in the Power Platform Hackathon!

The Summit was great fun and full of awesome information about Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Cloud desktop, Security, endpoint management and loads more!

Tom and me joined forces with the very talented team from https://www.tiberium.io/ Drew, Daley and Joe they are a great bunch of guys and we managed to build a working application using all sorts of stuff from the Power Platform.

So what was the task?

To build a solution incorporating wireless flic buttons using anything from the Microsoft stack. Work as a team and produce a working demo by the end of the day to present to the rest of the teams and the judges!

Flic buttons are great, just press once, twice or hold one down and you can trigger an action in the Microsoft 365 platform to perform an action. This includes turning on lights, playing music, triggering a Flow or entering data into the Dataverse to use in a Power App.

So what did we build?

We wanted to build a solution for care homes and assisted living facilities to allow them to better respond to emergency incidents around the homes. The idea is that each tenant would have a flick button on their person and also have the buttons located in each room so that if there was an emergency they could more easily call for help from the care homes staff.

We called our solution Assist and here is the login page to our Power App in all its glory!

After logging in a floor plan is displayed along with buttons indicating apartments. If an alert is triggered the alert is listed on the left and the button will flash indicating where the emergency is occuring.

Management staff can click on the alert or apartment and see more details, including which room or person has triggered the emergency.

In the management section staff can manage, tenants, room, alerts and assign flick buttons to tenants or locations around the care home.

We even went further and incorporated Microsoft Shifts into the solution so that the care home can manage when staff are on shift and send out alerts to only those working at the time of the emergency. Pretty awesome huh!

We also built out a Power virtual agent so that family members can see when their loved ones were last checked in on, who is on shift that day all remotely using a virtual chat bot!

The Power Platform is amazing and very under utilised so if you have an old access database that needs modernising for remote working or if you have a new process or business requirement for an app then Power Platform may be what you need.


Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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