Setup a Customer Bookings Page Using Office 365 Bookings

Office 365 bookings is a fantastic feature which allows you to setup a single page or set of pages where clients can book your services or time. From one location they can see a list of available services, which time slots are available and place a booking or arrange a meeting.

There’s no need for you to take phone calls or play email tennis trying to arrange a time to place a booking. Your clients or customers do it themselves and the system will track your employees availability.

This can be used by every business, if you’re a builder then offer free work estimate visits and have potential customers book them. If you are a consultancy or firm of solicitors then allow clients to book in Office visits or phone calls. Are you a hair dressers? then perfect, your customers can book in a cut and blow-dry and you don’t have to do a thing! Are you a dentist? allow your patients to select a service check-up or hygienist and have them book it themselves.

Lets run through setting up a customer booking page for an MOT company called MOT Kings. They only do one thing and that’s MOT’s! They want a page where customers can book themselves in for an MOT. They have two mechanics working shifts between 8am and 8pm and each MOT takes two hours to complete and they want to allow a 10 minute break between bookings. No problem, lets see how its done!

  1. Log into the portal as a tenant administrator: https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/bookings This will take you to the main Bookings page where you can start the setup.

2. Click on Business Information to complete your basic business name and address details. Also complete your business hours and upload a Logo. Click Save.

3. Now click on the Staff section and add a member of staff. These are staff who are available to work on bookings that customers book with you. The bookings system will use their calendars to manage what time slots are available to be booked in.

4. Select a member of staff and set their working hours. Staff may all work the same hours or they may work in shifts. Here we untick ‘Use business hours’ because this member of staff works 8am to 5pm.

5. Next we add a second staff member who is available between 11am and 8pm.

6. Next we click on the Services section to add services which customers can book. You may include a 1 hour telephone call or an in person meeting, hair cut, house evaluation, any service you need customers to book should be listed here.

There will be a default service here so click on it to edit the existing service.

7. In our example we are setting up a car MOT, customers can book in a two hour MOT for a fixed price of £45 and it uses a buffer of 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the booking to allow for our break times.

Here we select which members of staff are available to work on this service. You can also configure reminder emails which are sent to the customer a day before their booking. Very useful!

8. Now click on the Bookings page and press ‘Save and publish’ to make the page live. You can copy the URL listed under ‘Share your page’ and give this to customers or use it on your website to they can place a booking with you.

9. Finally you can visit the page and see what it looks like. Here we can see the two hour car MOT costing £45 and a list of available dates and times which can be booked. As customers place bookings those spaces will not be available for anyone else to book.


Office 365 Bookings is a great feature and will definitely make booking services with customers a lot easier to manage. It looks professional, saves you time and its easier for your customers too!





Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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  1. Thanks for sharing Ian – great info as ever! We have been looking at using this for our business to book meetings with clients and prospects and so far have found a couple of things which you might have solved

    First – if you add buffer time to allow for travelling (e.g. we set 45 minutes as standard which covers most meetings we might do) it works well from the customers end, but when it adds to my outlook calendar it shows the whole appointment including buffer time with no mention of the actual start time. I can see it if I got to the Bookings page, but would be great to have it denoted somehow on the Outlook calendar.

    Second – There doesn’t seem a way to allow the customer to set the location for the meeting in the booking form. Is there an option anywhere? (of course there is an obvious feature enhancement Microsoft could easily do which would work out the travel time from you to the customer and create bookings accordingly in your calendar!)

    Third – to have a calendar which only I get booked for, I need to set myself up as a separate company (e.g. Vermont Chris) and only add my calendar. And then do this for each person. I sense we aren’t using this tool quite as Microsoft envisaged it (like your example with MOTs). Any insight?

    But this is a great feature and will be really useful to a lot of people. Thanks for writing it up!


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    • Hi Chris,

      Many thanks for posting your thoughts on this one and yes we are using it for booking meetings internally. Im not using a buffer for the travel time but yes i see what you mean, i hadn’t noticed that before.

      On your third point what we do here is setup additional booking calendars. So for myself i have SIT-Ian then add myself as the only staff member.

      We also added the link to our email signatures which has promoted clients to book in more meetings.

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