PowerShell For Fun And Profit: Online Arbitrage Scanner

What is online arbitrage?

It’s where you find things for sale online, buy them and sell them elsewhere and make a profit!

How do I find things to sell?

Browse popular deal sites, clearance pages or like me, you automate the process and let a PowerShell do the boring work for you!

If you want to grab the code, go download it from my Github repository:


Setting Up

Download the OnlineArbitrage.ps1 script from my GitHub and locate the Send-Mail function and edit the email address and SMTP server details to work with your environment.

Once you update those details you can run the script by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Run with PowerShell’.

The script is setup to go out and scan hotdealsuk.com and the argos.co.uk clearance pages and send you an email. The script will spit out some HTML and close.

Here is an example of an email from the script which runs automatically every day from my computer.

You can see here some crazy discounted offers which go very fast and are only available for a limited time.

Using the power of PowerShell and our amazing coding skills we can try to turn a tidy profit by beating everyone to the best deals out there!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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