Power Invaders – Old School Games Programming using PowerShell

I’m loving PowerShell at the moment, not just because its a great tool to automate stuff or a way to build handy reporting scripts but because i’m having so much fun writing games!

I’m currently working on a new book and I was going to save this just for the book but I couldn’t resist sharing it! Its a Space Invaders style game but in Power Shell!

Download the zip, extract it and run the script. You may need to resize the window to see everything properly (this is a draft version). Would love to know if you have any improvements to suggest or bug fixes.

If you want to get on the mailing list for the new book then subscribe here and ill let you know how progress is going and when it will be available on Amazon 🙂

There is some really cool stuff in the book and i’m almost done with the first version of PowerBomber. Yep you guessed it a version of Bomber Man whipped up using PowerShell and it even supports multiplayer over a network!

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Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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  1. Weeeelll … It’s a fun idea but allow me to say that this is unplayable. Anyway congrats for the nice effort.

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    • Lol too hard for you? Why is it not playable? It’s an old version and will post a new one soon.

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  2. Would love to peak at the code, but the download link is missing.

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