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Want to know just how secure your Office365 tenant is or simply want to start improving it but don’t know where to start? Then you need to take a look at the Office365 secure score portal!

Head on over to https://securescore.office.com and login using an admin account.

One you log in you will immediately see your current score, my test lab is 57 out of 273 which is pretty poor!  below that it shows the maximum score of 440. To get there you need to implement a lot of features and policies but its well worth it to improve security.


Scrolling down a bit you will see a slider moving it to the right will add items to the actions queue below. To reach a score of 440 we would need to perform 52 security enhancing actions. Not too bad for anyone serious about security and each action is listed in order of importance. In the queue we see the first two actions are to enable MFA for all global admin and user accounts. If you only did this one thing then you improve your security massively but it is one of the more tricky to implement especially when you have lost of users to manage.

There is an interesting widget on the right ‘Compare your score’ which compares your score to the average Office365 account. The Average score is 20??? seriously?? are some people not even trying? <bang head on desk>..

Ok so maybe we don’t want to go full on lets move the slider back a bit to a target score of 192. That’s a bit improvement and puts us way out in front of the average. We only have 6 actions to complete so a nice security improvement project for someone there to work on.

If you aim a little higher the tasks delve into improving security on mobile devices. I’ve written a few blog posts on implementing mobile device management with step by step guides so look them up if required.

Also in the list it dives into securing SharePoint shared links and policy actions such as disabling unused accounts.

So we’ve set a target security score and we have a list of tasks to action. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a graph that shows the security score going up over time? Oh wait there is! Click on score analyser and it will do just that. You can even print off a copy to present at a management meeting and show them the hard work you are doing keeping everyone secure 🙂


Office365 Secure Score, another nice little feature the Office 365 development team have given us to help improve security. All you have to do is plan and implement so go do it now!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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