Office365 an Introduction to StaffHub the Shift Scheduling Tool

Microsoft have created another brilliant tool to add to their Office365 suite called StaffHub. Its a staff shift planning and scheduling tool, ideal for any business who have staff that work in shifts. Managing the weekly shifts can be a choir for team leaders and managers but this tool is so quick and easy to use its definitely worth giving it a try.

If you run a call centre, bar, restaurant or on-call service then this is going to be a great way for you to manage staff shifts and its included Office365 subscriptions from the kiosk plans upwards.

Lets jump in and take a look

First head on over to https://staffhub.ms/ and login using your Office365 account.

You will be greeted by the setup wizard.

Your first step is to name your team, in this case i’ll setup a support helpdesk.

Next enter your mobile number to be sent a link to the mobile app. A nice little tool to manage shifts on the go which even reminds employees when their shifts are starting and lists their weekly shift planner.

Next add all members of your team remembering to add their work email so they receive the invitation email to StaffHub. Each employee must have an Office365 subscription license of Kiosk or above to use this feature.

Once the basic setup has been completed you are taken to the main StaffHub page showing the current weeks shift planner. Your first job is to split the planner into groups and give then suitable names. Here I add two groups ‘Helpdesk Team Leaders’ and ‘Helpdesk Support Engineers’ and add members to each group.

Next we need to add shifts for each employee, simply right click on a day and click ‘Add shift’.

When creating a shift you only need to enter a start and end time but you can add notes which employees can see when viewing the planner. You can add special instructions for the day if needed.

Once you have added all of your shifts for the week you can click Publish to make the plan public.

When publishing a shift plan you can publish the week created or you can publish multiple weeks. Here I choose to publish two weeks worth of shifts and click publish.

Once published you and your team will be notified that the shift plan is available.

Once you have a shift plan created you can use the top menu to view the plan for the current day, week or even month. Handy to quickly see who is working today and at what time.

A nice little feature of StaffHub is the ability to add files for employees to see which works much like a notice board in the staff break room. Use this to post the Christmas party menu, post details about up and coming training or team days out.

At some point you will want to give other team members the ability to update or create shift plans themselves. Click on the Team link in the top right and from there you can give team members Read only or Admin access to the planner.


There you have it, another really easy to use but powerful new feature available to use within your business. The Microsoft Office365 development teams appear to running at full speed at the moment. I’m very excited to see what other useful apps are added over the coming months.

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Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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