Office365 An Introduction to Find Time

Do you struggle to organise meetings?

Do you waste time playing email tennis with friends and colleagues?

Well no more thanks to Find Time!

A great little add-in which has been built specifically for Outlook and Office365. Its so easy to use, just select the times you are available to meet then send an email to people you want to meet up with. The recipients will receive a link which will open up a website displaying your list of meeting times. They don’t need to log in or anything like that, they just select who they are and select the times they are available.

Once everyone has selected the times they are free the system will automatically schedule a meeting based on the selections.


Just sign in to https://findtime.microsoft.com and click Install for free and login using your Office365 credentials. This will automatically enable an add-in into Outlook. Close outlook and open it again and the button will magically appear.


Create a new email and click the new add-in ‘New Meeting Poll’ then select ‘Link Now’ to connect Outlook to the FindTime system. This only needs to be done once.


Now select the duration, specify if its an online or an in person meeting and select several dates you are available. Once you have selected all of your chosen dates click Next.


FindTime will list your chosen dates for confirmation and click ‘Insert into email’


The email will now contain the meeting options and this is how it will look to the recipients.


Once the recipients receive the email they simply click ‘Select Options’


They click on their name from the list of attendees.


A web page will open up and the recipients can choose Prefer, yes or no to specify which dates they are available or not. Once the selections have been made they click Submit.


Each time one of the meeting attendees makes a selection then you will receive an email specifying their selection.


Once all of the attendees have made their selections your meeting will be finalised and the system will automatically send out a meeting request.


If we look in our Outlook calendar we see the meeting is in place!



FindTime is surprisingly simple and easy to use and the fact the recipients don’t need to login makes it even better. A great little tool for arranging meetings and saves time and effort trying to arrange them, especially when there are lots of attendees involved.

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Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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