Office 365 Using Multiple Signatures Which Switch Automatically

It’s common to require multiple signatures in outlook especially is someone has a second mailbox attached. They may be responsible for managing a customerservice@ or accounts@ mailbox along with their own.

Setting up Outlook to automatically select the correct signature when replying to an email in your primary mailbox or a secondary mailbox is a great time saver and ensures the correct signatures are always in place when sending an email.

In Office 365 its common to add secondary mailboxes by delegating permissions. Once permissions have been delegated to accounts@ to an employee for example will make accounts@ magically appear in Outlook.

Unfortunately adding the mailbox this way wont work for automatic switching of signatures so follow this guide to see how it should be done

In this example lets configure accounts@ to be a secondary mailbox to ian.waters@ and configure automatic signature switching.

1 . Log into the Office 365 Admin portal at: https://admin.microsoft.com

Click on ‘Users’ from the left hand menu then ‘Active users’.

Select the account which will be the second mailbox, in this case Accounts and edit the ‘Mailbox permissions’.

2 . Ensure that the user this mailbox will be attaching to is not in the ‘Read and manage’ list. If the mailbox is already attached to outlook because of delegated permissions, this wont work so remove them.

4 . Here we can see our user Ian does not have the Accounts mailbox in his outlook. This is how we want to start.

5 . Now in Outlook go into the ‘Account Settings’.

6 . Click ‘Account Settings’ again from the menu.

7 . Click on ‘New’.

8 . Enter the email address for the second mailbox, in this case its Accounts@.

Press connect and enter the credentials for the Accounts mailbox.

9 . The Accounts mailbox has been successfully added.

Click ‘Close’.

10 . Next in Outlook click on ‘Options’.

11 . Click on ‘Mail’ then ‘Signatures’.

12 . Click on ‘New’ to create a new signature and give it a name when prompted. Design your signature and ensure you set the signature options under ‘Choose default signature’. Here we select the ian.waters account to use the new ‘Ian’ signature.

13 . Repeat the process again for the second mailbox. This time we select the ‘E-mail account’ to be the second mailbox and again we select the Accounts signature you just created.

14 . So to test hit reply to any email in the primary mailbox and it should select the correct signature.

15 . This time reply to an email in the Accounts mailbox and again you should see that Outlook has selected the correct signature!

If this guide has been useful to you please comment below!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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