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Another great productivity tool has landed in Office 365 as a preview app Microsoft To-Do. If you are a fan of the to do and task lists then this is one for you. The app is currently in preview and must be enabled in your tenant to become active first. Once done you can install the To-Do mobile app and power though your day completing tasks like a productivity demon!

Lets get started.

First login to the portal as a tenant administrator and browse into the Admin Tile, Settings then Services & add-ins. Scroll down and click on To-Do Preview.

Switch the preview on and click save.

Next browse to your phones app store and install the Microsoft To-Do mobile app and launch it.

Ok lets start adding task for the day! by default you should land on the current day so you can add tasks by clicking on the add button at the bottom.

Add as many tasks as you need.

Next lets see how to add tasks in general which can later be assigned a due date. Click on the hamburger icon in the top left.

From this menu you can go direct to your current days tasks. Or you can go into the To-Do list which will list all tasks including up coming ones.

As before you can add tasks here but now you dont have to assign them to your current day. You can just list out all tasks you can think of then start sorting though when they need to be completed by.

Click on a task to go into its properties.

Within each task you can add the task to your current day, set a reminder about the task, set a due date or add notes.

As you power through your task list its very satisfying to tick them off the list!


Office 365 ToDo is a nice little productivity app for all those things you need to get done. Deploy it to your tenant today its definitely worth using.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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