Office 365 Security and Compliance Center

If you’ve not logged into your Office 365 portal for a few weeks you would have missed the new Security and compliance center updates. This new area groups everything together into one place making security and compliance easier to manage.

The center is broken down into the following sections

  • Permissions
  • Security Policies
  • Data Management
  • Search and Investigation
  • Reports
  • Service Assurance

Security and Compliance 1

Over the next couple of weeks i’m going to be experimenting with all of these new features in the demo lab and see how we can make best use of them. There’s some really nice stuff in the new centre so lets take a quick look over each section. I’ll be posting some more detailed walkthroughs in the next couple of weeks so if this interests you then subscribe to the blog.


In the Permissions menu we can set who has access to the new security and compliance centre. There are already several groups available to give granular access to the compliance centre but if needed you can craft your own.

Security and Compliance 2

Security Policies

The security policies section is made up of Device management where you can configure policies for mobile devices. Setup requirements to enforce pin codes on mobiles, block saving of files locally to devices and even block screen capturing. There are lots of useful settings to stop users walking off with your valuable data.

Security and Compliance 3

The security policies section also includes the Data loss prevention (DLP) features. Do you have to comply with UK financial compliance regulations? Then use DLP to configure policies to alert you when credit card numbers or swift codes are being stored within SharePoint and OneDrive locations.

Data Management

Do you want to import files from your servers into Office 365, manage archive mailboxes and configure retention? then Data management is where its at.

Security and Compliance 17

Search and Investigation

Looking for a missing file or want to see where users are mentioning key words? Then Content search is available for just that task. Want to view audit logs and see who deleted that user account for file? find out using the Audit log search. My next post will go into details on using the auditing features, they are very useful if you have multiple administrators managing your tenant. Finally use eDiscovery to locate emails or documents containing keywords.

Security and Compliance 18


I’m loving the reports section at the moment and its one area Office 365 has been lacking in for a while now. Audit, Azure AD, Exchange, Device compliance DLP reports and more to ponder over!

Security and Compliance 19

Service Assurance

And finally we have Service Assurance which you have to accept an NDA before entering so I wont dig too much into this but basically they list all of their ISO reports and details on internal security reports.


There you go a whirl wind tour of the new Office 365 Security and Compliance center. Lots of bits from all over Office 365 pulled together into one place and a few new features to explore.

Hope you found this useful and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss my in depth setup guides coming in the next couple of weeks.


Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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