Office 365 Room Booking System Using Power Apps

Office 365 now gives you the ability to create a dedicated room booking app from one of its PowerApp templates. Its very easy to setup and makes it easier for employees to book rooms for new and existing meetings.

Since its a PowerApp it’s highly customisable, think Access database programs and you get the idea. With a little bit of time you can add new features to suite your needs.

Lets take a look at setting up the Room booking PowerApp template.

To use the room booking system we first need to add some rooms into Exchange online. If you don’t have permissions to do this yourself get your IT team to set one up for you.

Need to upgrade your licenses to include PowerApps: Click Here

1. Log into the Exchange admin center https://outlook.office365.com/ecp

Click on the ‘dashboard’ then ‘resources’.

2. Click on the plus symbol then select ‘Room mailbox’.

3. Enter the details describing your room and click ‘Save’.

4. Next go into PowerApps from the app menu in the top left corner or browse to PowerApps Here.

Click on ‘Create’ then locate the ‘Book A Room’ template and click on ‘Make this app’.

5. Next click ‘Allow’ to connect the app to your Office 365 services.

6. Once the App has finished building click on File.

7. Select ‘Save as’ then click ‘The cloud’.

8. Once you have tested the app fully you can come back and click ‘Share this app’ to make it available to other people in your organisation.

9. Now from the App menu go back to the PowerApps page or browse here.

10. Now you can click on the ‘Book A Room’ power app to launch it.

11. Looking good! Here you can choose to book a room for an existing meeting or book without one. I click ‘Book without a meeting’.

12. Now select a time you with to book the room. The meeting rooms will display if they are available at the selected time.

13. Choose your booking time and click ‘Save’.

14. Now Click on ‘Book’ to book the room for the desired date and time.

15. Congratulations your all done!

16. The room will automatically confirm your room booking to you in an email.

17. The system will also place an entry into your calendar.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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  1. Hello,

    I have been testing this app out. how do you connect the meeting form with the other’s. I would like the meeting for to show attendee’s, description, but I am unbale to get it working.

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    • Hi Kwayne, that requires custom coding. The template only allows you to book out a room. It’s not intended to replace a meeting calendar entry where you specify attendees and set a description. That would be a great extension to the template!

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      • The booking of the room is a great start, would be great to add calendar like entry such as Attendees, Subject, Message.

        Also, do you know which custom coding we possible could use to get this feature working.

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  2. Hi, I have created the book a room apps without modification for use on iPhone. As the room I need to book is not displayed, I tab More Rooms at Book without a meeting. I got the errors as follow:

    Office365.FindMeetingTimes failed: {“error”:{ “code”: “BadArgument”, “message”: “The number of attendees exceeds the maximum number of attendees supported”, “details”:[{“code”: “OutOfRangeValue”, “target”: “Attendees”, “message”: “The number of attendees exceeds the maximum number of attendees supported” } ] } }

    I did not input any attendees. Please help. Thanks.

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    • did you find a solution to your issue, because I’ve got the same issue

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  3. Hello, I’m trying to modify the app so I can show the available rooms from 9:15 to 9:30. I know that by default it’s only possible to show the avaible room with a minium 30 minutes timeframe. But Is it possible to do what I’m trying to?

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    • Yes you would need to change the minimum booking time to 15 minutes or change the code to display the options you require. This will depend on your coding abilities but is possible.

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  4. I have done this app for my school, but really wish it would show a month grid view, with the existing meetings/bookings

    Any way to get into a calendar month interface

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    • Hi @John, wondering if out figured out how to get the monthly bookings? I’m attempting to do the same, no luck so far!

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  5. Hi Ian,
    What about if I want to book for a parking lot, you know, booking a space car available for a limited
    number of spaces? How to connect a parking lot to my app? Using a excel sheet maybe?

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    • Sure that would be pretty straight forward. Just needs a bit of coding 😉

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  6. Hi Ian,

    I created the app without setting up the Exchange email since there is already mailbox created for our single conference room. After saving it in our sharepoint I tested it and it was working. The problem now is when I shared it to others and they clicked the link from our Sharepoint page it is giving them permissions error. The app won’t load in their page. I already allowed permission to these 3 connections – Office 365 Outlook, Skype for Business Online and Office 365 Users.
    Since we are not using Skype for Business I removed the button to meet using Skype for business. Also When I shared the app they did not receive the invite that I sent. What is wrong with my settings?

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  7. Hi…

    how I change room list on this apps ?

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  8. Is there any way round not using the Exchange online system?

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  9. Hello PowerAppers!

    Just wanted to ask if this app can be added to outlook as an add-in or not.


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  10. Is there a way to filter the list of displayed rooms, as currently its displaying loads as we are a global company with 1000’s of meeting rooms.

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  11. The PowerApps room booking system solution looks fantastic solution. Does it cover preventing double-booking if 2 users books on same timeslot?

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    • Yes. It doesn’t display a room as available if there is any overlap with your chosen meeting period

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  12. Hi – I am trying to help a small local charity get to grips with room and hotdesk booking – ideally they need to be able to manage it over several locations and I imagine group locations, rooms and hotdesks, can you comment how easy this would be to set up for them with moderate IT user skills and so the staff can easily see availability when booking?

    Thanks 🙂

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    • I’ve got this up and running for use with Hot desks. Essentially you create a 365 group, change the group to a room list, add the desks to the rooms list you just created. Then in the app, filter the search to only display the room lists containing a word.

      In my case my room lists all have ‘desks’ in their name so I simply tell it to only display these when a user is searching. For this powerapp you’ll need to edit the RoomsListGallery function to:

      Search then returns all rooms lists with desk in the name, which are in fact locations. Within each list are my rooms (or in this instance, actually just desks).

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      • Search(Search(RoomsLists,”Desks”,”Name”),SearchBox1.Text,”Name”)

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      • This sounds just what I’m looking for!. Can you tell my how to change the Office 365 group to a room list?

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  13. Hi all, is there a way to add an ‘admin’ that would accept/reject depending on the priority of the meeting. For example, client meetings in our buildings will always trump internal meetings

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  14. Can this be used if I want to only have 5 people in the office, for social distancing.

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  15. my question is same as Santo’s,
    can I change the resource to be a desk so I can ensure those attending don’t exceed social distancing rules?

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  16. Instead of booking rooms, if this template could be modified to book available timeslots for things like conferences and workshops then that would be another very useful template.

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  17. This is already available in Power Apps or do I need to purchase it?

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