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If you claim millage for car travel then the new MileIQ service could be just what you are looking for. MileIQ was purchased by Microsoft and now their premium service is included in their Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions adding even more fantastic value! can you tell i’m a fan? 😉

If you have an Office 365 Business Premium you can sign up now here:


On the page choose to Create an account.

1. Choose ‘Create an Account’.

2. Enter an email and password to use with the service. You can use your Office 365 email address here but its best to create a unique password for this service rather then entering the same one you use for Office 365.

3. Verify your email address and follow the link in the email to continue the signup process.

4. Now here is where your Office 365 Business Premium subscription is verified to upgrade your account to MileIQ premium. Enter your Office 365 email address and click ‘Check Eligibility’.

5. If all is good your account will activate.

6. To use MileIQ you need to install the mobile app so it can automatically log your car journeys.

Download the Android app here.

Download the iPhone app here.

Install the application.

7. Click ‘Create my log’.

8. Accept the T&C’s.

9. Enter your MileIQ email address and press ‘Next’.

10. Press continue and accept all messages about granting permissions to the app to track your location (This is a tracking app after all!).

11. This is the main screen of MileIQ. Here you can view the number of journeys, miles driven and the total travel expenses you have logged.

Each journey you make will get logged here and it will ask you to confirm if the journey is for business or for personal use. Simply swipe left or right to tell the app which it is. The app will then calculate the amount you can claim back for the journey based on the current HMRC rates.

12. From the settings menu you can set different vehicles so if you sometimes drive a motorcycle as well as your car you can add them both here. From here you can also check mileage rates, set working hours and setup how often to receive your millage reports into your inbox.

13. In the Rates menu you can check how much you can claim back based on the type of vehicle you use.

14. By default working hours are disabled but if you know all journeys before 9am and after 5pm are personal you can set the times here and the app will automatically classify journeys in these times as personal travel.

15. You can set different working hours for each day of the week. Any travel outside of these ours is automatically classified as personal travel and will be excluded from your mileage claims.

16. In the Email Communications menu you can set the app up to send you weekly and end of month reports to ensure your mileage is being logged correctly.

17. Its surprising how quickly the mileage and expense claims add up. This app makes tracking your millage so much easier and best of all its mostly automated.

18. At the end of the month you can get your mileage report and download it as a PDF document.

19. The PDF report breaks down each journey and shows the miles and amount being claimed back.


Microsoft have added another really useful app into the Office 365 Business premium subscription. It’s make my mileage tracking so much easier and I can keep track of it from the app or via the web portal.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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