Office 365: Lets look at Delve

Office 365 Delve

Delve is yet another app that as snuck into the Office 365 portfolio and until recently I’ve ignored it. At Microsoft’s recent Future decoded event we got a sneaky peek at some of the new productivity features being introduced in a few months so it was time to start using it.

So what does it do?

Delve lets you see what files you and other people in your business have been working on. Ideal if you want to keep up to date on what your team are working on especially if you’ve been away from the office for a few days or on holiday or maybe you just want to be nosey!

I’ve been using it for a few days and found it very useful and it’s even prompted me to ask my colleagues questions about projects being worked on.

When you log in jump into the profile page and update your contact details and About me section. Delve is great for finding out about people in your organisation, you can view the profile page of anyone, see their contact details and a quick view of recent activity.

Office 365 Profile

Clicking on anyone in your organisation will show their profile but also clicking on the activity tab will reveal all of the documents they have worked on. Here we can see I’ve created a couple of new Work instructions and updated our Skills Matrix.

Office 365 Delve Activity

A nice feature of Delve is being able to add any document you find to a Board which groups selected documents onto one page.

We’re working on a few HR projects at the moment and I needed quick access to all of the related files rather than trying to remember where they all are in SharePoint.

To add a document to a Board click the Office 365 Add to board button at the bottom of a document and either select an existing board or type the name of a new one.

Office 365 Delve Boards

Boards will appear in the left hand panel, you can add them to your favourites by clicking the Follow button making them easily accessible at all times. You can even send someone within your organisation a link to a board so they can follow it too.


There seems to be lacking a few security and privacy options in the system because maybe you don’t want people to see what your doing but Microsoft want to promote an open way of working and make it easy to collaborate with colleagues.

Download the mobile app too because its great for a quick catch up on the train or while away from the office.

What new features are coming soon?

Delve is a productivity app and very soon it will show us stats on how we work. Showing how much time we spend on email and how long we spend working in and out of office hours. Finally proof of how hard we work… or not and how much time we waste checking our inboxes rather than doing real work that actually matters.

Productivity demo showing work habits using Delve

Productivity demo showing work habits using Delve

Take a look at Delve and you will be surprised what you might find your colleagues working on. If your a manager use it to keep up to date with your team members and prompt new conversations with them to see how things are going.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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