Office 365 Invoicing Something Went Wrong

I’ve recently started using Office 365 Invoicing and I have to say I’ve been impressed. Microsoft are adding so much value to their Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions its amazing. Thank you Microsoft!

So you have logged into Office 365 clicked on Invoicing then receive the message “Something went wrong. Please try again later. Technical details an unknown error occurred. If you continue to see this error, please provide the following information when requesting support. Date and time…” etc etc..

Fix Below!



Log into Office 365 as a global admin. Global admins all have access to the Office 365 Invoicing app but users do not. This is why administrators can login fine but normal users cant!

Click Settings then Services & add-ins.

Click on Business center.



Click Edit in the Microsoft Invoicing section.



Click on Add.



Tick the user accounts which you want to have access to Office 365 Invoicing.

Click Save.



Click Done.



Click Done.



Now ask the user to try and access Office 365 Invoicing again.

Yay, no error message this time!

Why the icon is available for all users out of the box I have no idea. It would make more sense for Microsoft to hide icons if they don’t have access to a service.


Office 365 Invoicing Something Went Wrong



Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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