Office 365: How to Setup Mobile Device Management for Android and Windows Devices Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our guide to setting up Office 365 mobile device management (MDM).

I’ve known some support companies which leave users to install and setup their devices. There are several steps to setting up a device so to save our helpdesk getting support calls from users we always run through the initial setup ourselves. This ensures everything gets setup to a minimum standard and saves you hassle later!

Lets jump in and configure our first device.

First login to the portal as the user on the device at www.office.com and click Get Office apps to get started.

MDM 11

Next click the screen and you will be taken to the store where you can download all of the required office apps.

MDM 12

A few minutes later and all of the apps our user requires.

MDM 13

Open up the Office mobile app and login as the user.

MDM 14

If MDM is enabled and a policy is being applied to the user. Click Enrol to being the enrolment process.

MDM 15

Clicking the link directs us to download the Microsoft Intune app. Click the Get the app link.

MDM 16

Install Intune.

MDM 17

Sign into the app as the user.

MDM 18

Here we see our device needs to be enrolled and it needs some configuration changes before the device is compliant with the policy. Press Begin to start enrolment.

MDM 19

Because the policy in use requires encryption and a pin code we just need to enable these features by following the prompts and we’re all set.  Press Continue to finish enrolment.

MDM 20

With the device compliant with our MDM policy we can go ahead and configure the apps as required. Here we open outlook and set it up for the user and we’re done.

MDM 21

Now if you log into the MDM portal:


you will see the device registered with a status of Managed.MDM 22


Setting up a device for MDM is easy but some users may struggle to get started so its usually best to do the initial setup yourself before handing it over to the user. Now that the device is enrolled for MDM we have secured important business data and opened up some great features such as remote wiping.

Keep following the blog because I’ll be showing off some of these great features and show you how to set them up.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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