Office 365: Remotely Wipe a Mobile Phone Which is Lost or Stolen

Storing company information on a mobile phone carries with it some risk. Having the ability to erase all information held on a phone from the portal is a fantastic feature. If an employee loses their phone or a device is stolen you can wipe everything from it with the click of a couple of buttons.
Lets run through the instructions for remotely erasing everything from a mobile phone.

Log into the Admin center and click on Resources then Mobile management.

MDM Remote Wipe 1

Now locate the device from the list, in this example we will wipe my own device. Click on the device then select ‘Full wipe’ from the menu on the right hand side.

MDM Remote Wipe 2
You will receive a warning that all data will be erased. That’s fine, its what we want! Press Yes.
MDM Remote Wipe 3
If the device has a connection to the internet the phone will start erasing all of its data. If the device has been turned off or doesn’t have internet access then the device will never receive the wipe command but as soon as it does the process will begin.
MDM Remote Wipe 4

Once the device has been erased it will get removed from the Mobile Device Management page.

MDM Remote Wipe 5Summary

Remotely wiping a mobile device is very easy and is a great way to help protect your business data. Employees often lose their mobile devices, the larger your organisation the more likely you will require this feature.
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Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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