Office 365: How to brand the portal part 2

In the lab this week we continue branding the office 356 portal by adding a colour theme, logo and banner image. Adding some of your own branding helps users feel at home when using a new system. It also helps set you apart from those admins which only do the essentials and forgets about adding the nice finishing touches to an Office 365 setup.

Lets jump in!

Log into the portal and go into the Admin centreĀ and click Settings then Organization profile and finally click Edit under the Manage custom themes section.

Office 365 Branding 1

Here you can see the default theming settings which in our case is blue, black and white.

Office 365 Branding 2

First Lets tick the box to prevent users setting their own theme since we are going to set a standard for all users. You can start by changing the Accent, Nav bar and the text and icons colours. Here I’ve taken the colours from our logo and found a nice combination which works well.

To change the colours simply click on the colour box and a colour picker will appear allowing you to change the colour as required. Alternatively you can enter the HTML colour code for the colour you want into the boxes.

If you don’t know what HTML colour codes are visit this website and upload your company logo and it will display the colour codes you need.


Office 365 Branding 4

Once you have set your colours click save. Here is what I came up with something that looks good to me but I’m terrible when it comes to graphical stuff so play around until you get the colour combinations just right. You can see the tile and nav bar background colours have changed as well as the text and icons in the top right.

Office 365 Branding 3

The last two options allow you to upload a logo image and a background banner. Create a PNG or JPG file with your logo which is 200×30 pixels in size and less than 10kb. Since we can use PNG files set your background to transparent so that you don’t get a blocky white logo floating in the banner. Using a transparent background will make it blend into the background image.

Southern IT Logo

For the banner create a file which is 1366×50 pixels and less than 15kb. Getting a PNG file that small is difficult so I saved this one as a JPG. I tried a simple background with a fade from both sides.


Upload your logo and banner images and save the settings which will customise the top banner section within the portal.

Office 365 Branding 5

Now please excuse my hideous theme! I wasn’t blessed with any artistic talent what so ever but you get the idea!


Another quick walkthrough on customising the Office 365 portal with your company logo and colours. Its so easy to do but its probably best to pass this job to someone with some graphical talent but have a go and keep it simple.



Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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