Office 365: How to brand the login page

Once you have migrated into Office 365 why not finish off a good job by applying some branding to the login page. This is often over looked or just not bothered with but makes a nice finishing touch.

Lets jump into the lab and walk through how to brand the login page by adding a custom image, logo and support text. Lets get started..

Step1: Log into the portal https://portal.office.com/AdminPortal/Home as an administrator and click on Admin centres then Azure AD from the left hand menu.
Office 365 Custom Branding 1

Step 2: If you’ve not setup an Azure account you will need to enter the missing details at the sign up screen and click Sign up.Office 365 Custom Branding 2

Step 3: Your Azure account will be configured and activated after a few minutesOffice 365 Custom Branding 3

Step 4: Once the account is ready click on Start managing my serviceOffice 365 Custom Branding 4

Step 5: Your Office 365 AD will be listed so click on the link as shown to access the AD settings.Office 365 Custom Branding 5

Step 6: Click Configure then Customize BrandingOffice 365 Custom Branding 6

Step 7: Here we can configure the banner logo which is shown just above the username and password boxes of the login page. The image should be 280 pixels by 60 pixels in size, less than 10kb in size and in the preferred PNG format JPEG’s are supported but they don’t allow you to use transparent areas. Next configure some text which is shown at the bottom of the login page. Its a good idea to provide some support information so that users can call if they have problems logging in.

Office 365 Custom Branding 7 Office 365 Custom Branding 9

Step 8: Now set the sign in page illustration which is the big image shown on the left hand side of the login page. This image must be no larger than 1200×1420 pixels and 500kb in size or less.  You can also configure a post logout link which displays a shortcut link when users log out of Azure applications. Press the tick to save the changes.Office 365 Custom Branding 8

Step 10: Now just check that the process completes. If it doesn’t its because your images are larger than the supported pixel or file size. Office 365 Custom Branding 9

Step 11: If everything saves correctly, the next time a user logs in they will see your branding and it makes such a difference! The system knows what branding to display from the user name which quickly updates as soon as the user types it in.Office 365 Custom Branding 10


There you have it an easy step by step guide to applying custom branding on the login page to Office 365.  Next we will look at how to apply even more branding to the portal itself so subscribe to the blog and have the post delivered direct into your mailbox.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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