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If like me you tried editing a SharePoint promoted links list you have probably been going mad wondering why the edit item box is greyed out. I even opened a support case asking how to do it I was going that crazy. Unfortunately the guy on support didn’t know either and kept telling me its a permissions issue and I would have to rebuild the list using my account to get the permissions fixed.

Well that wasn’t the issue so here you go, How to edit SharePoint promoted links.

Log into SharePoint and browse to the site containing the promoted links list.

Click on Edit in the top right. If you don’t see edit then you need to log in with an account who has edit or full control permissions on the site.

Click in the top right corner of the web part and select ‘Edit Web Part’ from the drop down menu.

Here is where I was going wrong, I thought you could just click on Items from the top menu tab and click edit item. It’s greyed out so you cant so how do you edit them!?

The trick is to set the ‘Selected View’ to ‘All Promoted Links’ and set the ‘Toolbar Type’ to ‘Summary Toolbar’. Click on Apply then the tiles change to a list which you can edit or create new items!

Once you have made your changes just set the view back to Tiles and reset the toolbar, click on apply then hit Save.

Job Done!


Editing SharePoint promoted links is definitely not easy unless you know how. Its a bit of a faff but now you know.


Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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