Office 365: Change from Exchange P1 to Small Business Premium licenses

Changing users from Exchange P1 to Small Business Premium licenses without any data loss is easy but the first time you try it can be a little scary. You have two options, when using a traditional subscription paid for on a credit card you can switch the subscription to a different plan which would also change all of the users with a licence from that plan. This is fine but if you are using CSP billing or only want to switch a few of the users to a different plan then its a manual process.

In our example we have users with P1 licenses purchased via CSP and we want to switch a select few of  them to Small Business Premium, lets take a look at the process.

First order the Small Business Premium licenses however you want either via normal subscription or CSP.

In our test lab I have a user with an Exchange Online Plan 1 licence and lots of email in the mailbox.

Change Licence 1

To change the licence of a single user double click the user from the users list and then go to the Licenses section. Here we can see the user currently has an Exchange Online Plan 1 licence assigned.

Change Licence 2

All we do is untick the P1 licence, tick Office 365 Business Premium and click Save.

Change Licence 3

That’s it really! nothing difficult but a lot of people worry about losing data and for some subscriptions you certainly can but I wanted to demo this common upgrade path for your peace of mind 🙂

Once you change the licence there are a few minutes of panic because it will look like Office 365 has dumped the mailbox and is creating a new one!

Change Licence 4


Change Licence 5

Still panicking!

Change Licence 6

A few minutes later the licence change has completed and I check the mailbox and everything is still there! harah! The user doesn’t even know anything has changed until they look at the new apps available in the 365 portal such as Skype and SharePoint.

Change Licence 7

So there you have it, proof that changing from Exchange Online Plan 1 licensing to Small Business Premium is easy and results in no data loss.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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