Office 365: Can’t log a support case via the portal?

Gone to log a new support case in a clients tenant and found you can’t? Trying to log a new case shows the following screen asking you to contact your partner.

Cant log support 1

Chances are you’ve recently purchased licenses from a Cloud Solutions Provider(CSP). If you’re a CSP then you no longer log support requests directly from your clients portal but rather you need to setup delegated administration.

If you manage your own Office 365 subscription then you will need to log a support case via your cloud partner because you can no longer do it directly with Microsoft yourself. If you’re a CSP then read on to configure delegated administration for your clients.

Configure delegated administration

Step 1: Log into your own partner account as a global administrator and go into the partner section from the app menu.

Office 365 Partner

Step 2: Click the ‘Build your business’ then ‘Request delegated admin’ links from the menu.

Office 365 delegated admin

Step 3: Enter the clients email address and send the delegated admin request to the end user and ask them to use the link to log into their portal and accept the request.

Now you have delegated admin access to your clients portal you can now use your own account to log support cases on their behalf.

Log a support case on behalf of your client

To log a support case, log into your own partner account and go back into the partner section. Click on ‘Client Management’ then ‘Client List’ from the menu to see a list of clients you have delegated admin rights for. Here we can see a client account called ‘Sticky Feet Reptiles’ so to log a new case click on the support ticket button shown.

Office 365 Log support case

Clicking on the link will log you into the clients portal and land you directly on the service request page. You will notice in the image it displays the clients name in the top right indicating you are administering their account. From here you can create a new request by clicking on the plus symbol.

Office 365 log support on behalf of client

Now you can log a support case directly with Microsoft in the context of the clients account.

Office 365 Log support request 2

I hope you found this post useful!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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