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Logged into the portal the other week and this caught my eye ‘Office 365 Admin on mobile. Text me the download link’ Yes please!

Office 365 Admin on mobile   Office 365 Admin Mobile Text








Office 365 Admin Mobile InstallSo what can we do on the Admin mobile app?

  • Manage user licenses
  • Block and unblock users
  • View service status messages
  • View the latest feature update notices
  • View the status of current support requests
  • Find other fellow administrators
  • View partner tenants

Once you log in you will be presented with the main page showing quick links to health, support users and the latest feature update messages. From the App menu

Office 365 Admin Main Page   Office 365 Admin Menu









Lets take a look at the options we get clicking on a user. From here we can edit aOffice 365 User Management users profile and update basic information like name, job title and telephone numbers.

We can assign and remove licenses and if needed block a user and stop them being able to log into the portal or accessing new email on mobile devices. This is a nice feature especially if you work in a larger organisation and get lots of requests from HR to disable peoples access. Its so easy!

From the App menu you can quickly view the status of the service and all of your support tickets. All very useful information for busy admins on the go.

Office 365 Health StatusOffice 365 Admin Support








One interesting feature I stumbled upon was the ‘Find Other Admins’ option. If you enable it a map will open up showing the location of other Office 365 Admin Mobile users! Not sure of the point of this one but you can see everyone’s email address if you wanted to do a bit of networking. Think I’ll disable that one for now..

Office 365 Admin Mobile Map

Install the Office 365 Admin Mobile app and give it a try.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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