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I was randomly browsing the Google play store the other day and came across Microsoft Translator and for fun installed it to see what its all about and was very impressed!

Microsoft Translator can translate spoken or written words into many other languages. It can even say the translation out loud which makes this Translator app perfect for the word wide traveller.

If your going abroad then this app is definitely going to make your travel easier. Especially since my favourite features is that you can point your phone at some written foreign writing and it will translate it on the fly!

Go to your app store and search for Microsoft Translator and install it.

On the home screen you have four options. Press the microphone to talk and translate, the keyboard to type and translate, the camera to translate written text and the final option is to broadcast a translation to multiple people using the translation app.

Press the keyboard option allows you to type a sentence for translation. You can select the language using the options at the bottom of the app and hear the translation by pressing the speaker icon.

The app also comes with a handy phrase book with common phrases divided up into handy sections.

Clicking on Travel and Directions brings up a handy list of common phrases you might need when travelling!

One handy feature of the translation app is the ability to translate to an audience. This allows you to host a translation session that people can join and they can see and hear the translation in their native language.

Here we click Start to start a conversation.

Other app users can scan the QR code, enter the code or visit the url to join the session.

Once in the session the host can talk freely and anyone in the session will see a live translation on their phone.

Microsoft Translate is a very handy tool for any traveller. Download it and give it a try yourself!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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