Microsoft 365 Outlook Schedule An Email To Read Later

If your on holiday or out of the office and see an email you want to respond to later usually you flag the email or think you will just remember to reply later. In reality you always end up forgetting about the email but there is another way!

If your using Outlook on your mobile phone you can set it up so that when you swipe right you can ‘snooze’ the email and make it disappear from your inbox and reappear as a new email at a later date.

Perfect for scheduling emails to read when you get back from holiday!

First load up Outlook on your mobile phone. Click on your profile icon then the settings button.

Find ‘Swipe options’ from the menu and click on it.

How select ‘Change’ next to swipe right or Swipe left depending on how you want to access the feature. Here I set it to show up when swiping right on an email.

Select ‘Change’ then select ‘Snooze’.

Now when you see an email you want to schedule to read later simply swipe right!

Swiping right brings up a menu to select when the email will come back into your mailbox as a new unread email.

Now you can forget about the email and It will pop back into your mailbox at the selected time as a new email.

You can view all scheduled emails by going to the ‘Snoozed’ folder in outlook.

Hope you found this post useful!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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