Microsoft 365 How to Manually Sync Policy Changes On a PC

You make a change to a Device Configuration poilicy within the Microsoft 365 portal and hit the Sync button but nothing appears to happen.

Sometimes you just want to be 100% sure a PC has checked into InTune and grabbed and applied the latest settings.

To do this you need to perform a manual sync.

1. Click start then click the settings icon.

2. Click on ‘Accounts’.

3. Click ‘Access work or school’ then click ‘Info’

4. Under ‘Device sync status’ you can see the last sync time and status. Here we see the last sync was successful but to force it to sync new changes now just click the ‘Sync’ button and wait a few seconds.

Below the sync status you can also view policies which are currently applying to the device. This is very useful when troubleshooting issues as it allows you to easily see when something is missing from the list. This usually means a policy has not been assigned correctly within the Microsoft 365 portal.

Hope you found this useful, please comment below if it helped 🙂

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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