MaxBackup selection size displaying incorrectly on a mac

Had an interesting issue this week which had me stumped for a while. I was trying to backup a Mac using MaxBackup and the selection size kept showing more data than was available on the local hard drive. The local disk was only 70gb but when selecting everything to be backed up it was showing 2.8tb,  where were these extra files coming from?


The answer and fix is pretty straight forward and its due to the mac having one or more network shares mounted in the file system. You can see here GoDisk and GoServer are connected and the MaxBackup software will include these if you select to backup the entire local system.


Go into the backup selection and edit it.


Tick the box to show hidden files


Browse to Volumes and you will see the two mounted drives listed. This is the reason why the backup software thinks the mounted volumes are part of the local system, they are referenced from this local folder. All you need to do is unselect the volumes you don’t need and save the changes.


Now run a backup and once it completes the selected size will show correctly!



MaxBackup is a great tool for managing and backing up hundreds of devices from a central location. This issue was an easy quick fix and a good one to remember for future reference.

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    Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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