Intro to the Office 365 Planner Mobile App

If you love the Office 365 planner then prepare yourself for the mobile app, plan on the go and get stuff done!

Don’t know what planner is? Check out my guide here

Office 365 Planner How To Guide

First install the app from your app store by searching Microsoft Planner:

Android Google Play Store

Apple iTunes App Store

When you login you will immediately see any favorited plans you have. You cant create new plans from the mobile app yet, you still need to do this from the web portal. Here I created a new plan to setup a new office but it needs configuring and new tasks assigning.

Press on the plan to enter it and view the buckets and tasks.

In each plan you have buckets which are a set of grouped tasks. By default you will have one bucket called ‘To Do’.

Press on the bucket name to expose the rename and delete functions. Here I’m going to rename the default bucket to ‘Pre move Tasks’.

Now I have a logical bucket in which I can start adding all tasks we need to compete before we move office.

Click on ‘Add a task’ and enter a task name. Each new task will show two icons, the first sets the due date and the second allows you to assign the task to an individual.

Set the date in which this task is due to be completed and press OK.

Next I click the Assign member icon and I assign this task to myself. You can add several people to plans and assign tasks to specific people.

Our first task has been added and it shows the due date and assigned users. You can add as many tasks as you need.

Once you have added all the tasks for the bucket you can click on the Add Bucket button to add new buckets.

Press on ‘Add a new bucket’ and set the name of the bucket as before.

Here I setup several tasks which need completing on the day of the office move. Obviously there would be many tasks in a real plan, this is just a quick example 😉

You can press into each task to see more details. Each task includes a status, showing Not start, in progress or complete. Each task can also include a number of sub tasks which I love. If you love planning into the minute detail then you will love this too. The task checklists are great to ensure every tasks has an easy to follow list of things to do which ensures they are also completed in the correct order.

Each task can also include attachments which may include, floor plans, important documents relating to the task. Here I could attach the order details for the broadband for reference later.

Click on ‘Not started’ to set the task as ‘In progress’ or complete it once done.

Returning to the main screen will show the number of completed and total number of tasks.


The Microsoft mobile planner is a great new addition and will let you get more done while on the move. Complete tasks while out and about in real time and even build out new plans during those long train journeys.


Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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