HP Bloatware Removal Tool

If you don’t maintain a prebuilt Windows image used to deploy new workstation because you simply build them as they come in then this tool may be for you.

We prefer HP equipment but they always come with annoying HP bloatware. You could reload the device but that takes time you don’t want to waste.

One of my fellow engineers Thomas Lambert put this little script together which will run through and uninstall the most common pre-installed HP software.

Un-box the PC or Laptop, run through the basic setup steps then run the script ‘As Administrator’ and it saves time and ensures all those annoying installs get removed correctly every time!

HP Bloatware Removal Tool (2767 downloads)

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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  1. Wow this is just what I looked for, saves me a ton of time! Thanks Thomas!

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  2. I’d recommend setting hp security manager last, as some HP programs need it to run, so you wont be able to uninstall it efficiently.

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    • Not had an issue with this but if anyone does let me know and ill get it updated.

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      • I’ve had it sometimes, sometimes not, if you do it “the regular way” you must delete for an example, HP Sure run and something other, before you can remove it.

        Could you also update it to remove other small hp programs that’s installed via windows store, and not a program by “itself”. I had a few new comps that had a few HP shitwares still on it after I ran this, did not see em in programs and features, but if I went the windows 10 way, I could see them there. Do you get me? If you only rightclick on the start button, and go to app and features and you can see them there.

        Also, just curious, why do you remove HP Support assistant? I found it very useful to atleast update all drivers, firmwares etc. 🙂

        Am I allowed to edit this to my own liking and distrubute it to my fellow colleagues?


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        • Yeah you are right the firmware and driver updates are useful to have updated. I’ll likely change and update this soon. Yeah feel free to edit and distribute as you please.

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          • How do I add more programs to this list?

          • try putting a “;” in front of the lines that you don’t want executed

  3. I hate to ask for additional items to be included but I need to be able to remove the following:

    HP Collaboration Keyboard
    HP Collaboration Keyboard for Cisco UUC
    HP Collaboration Keyboard for Skype for Business
    HP Connection Optimizer
    HP MAC Address Manager
    HP Sure Recover
    HP Sure Run
    HP Sure Sense Installer

    I’m trying to reverse-engineer it myself using the logic in the bat file but I’m not a scripting expert by trade and it might take me a week to figure it out ! Heck I am happy to PAY somebody to do this!

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