How To Sync Microsoft Edge On Your Mobile With Your 365 Account And Desktop

Finally we have a Windows browser we can get behind and love! Microsoft Edge AKA Edge Chromium.. Based on the Chrome source code the Edge project now contributes to the Chromium codebase and adds further integration into the Office / Microsoft 365 suite.

Once you install it to your desktop and sign in using your 365 account all of your passwords, favourites and forms can all be saved and synced to any other device where you use Edge.

Now that its available for mobile’s install it and enable the sync option to make browsing on the go easier and better than before.

1. Go to your app store and search for Microsoft Edge and install it.

2. During the install and setup process you will be asked to sign in with your 365 account.

3. Once logged in tap the icon in the top left corner to access the settings pages.

4. Switch on the Sync option.

5. Select all of the options so that they sync between all of your devices, tablet, desktop, laptop etc.

6. Verify that Sync is enabled and within a few seconds you will have access to all of your saved passwords and favourites!

Microsoft Edge is a real turning point for the built in browser for windows. Previous attempts to get support around their own browsers has some what failed but the new Microsoft Edge feels like a winner if Microsoft can keep it slim and sleek and not bloat out too much. Memory usage has always been an issue for me using Chrome so hopefully this version will remain fast and fully integrated into Office / Microsoft 365.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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