How to Set Out of Office for a Shared Mailbox in Office365

Can you setup an auto responder or out of office message on Shared mailboxes?

Yes you can!

First log into the admin portal


You have probably noticed that under the users menu it lists shared mailboxes but you cant set any email features so where do we configure an out of office?

Navigate to Groups then Shared mailboxes, select the account you wish to edit.

Now you get access to the auto responder options! ahh its so easy once you know how! 🙂

Click edit to set your auto responder / out of office options.

Toddle the switch and set your message.

Well that was easy but its so annoying that Shared mailboxes show up under the users section but prevents certain options from being set.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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  1. This was definitely useful. I wouldn’t immediately search under groups for shared mailboxes, but once you know it’s simple.

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  2. Useless
    Cant set a timeframe for the Out of Office

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  3. I get how to do the reply out of office for the shared mailbox but how can I include my company logo. It does not copy and paste like the rest of the message.

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