How To Request AutoPilot Hardware ID’s From HP

Recently I deployed a good number of laptops to a client using Microsoft 365 and AutoPilot with some success.

If you don’t know, AutoPilot allows you to ship out a laptop or a desktop to a client and all they have to do it switch it on, connect it to the internet and the device will automatically join itself to Azure AD, deploy office and apply a variety of PowerShell scripts and settings.

The idea is that the devices set themselves up from scratch using policies you define on the portal.

I found it very hard to get started because for it to work you need the AutoPilot Hardware ID from the supplier you purchase the kit from. This is not the serial number! Only some of the larger distributors even know what AutoPilot is so buying from smaller distributors can be a pain.

Luckily if you buy HP hardware it’s fairly easy to get the Hardware ID’s so long as your supplier can give you the original HP order number.

1. First Ask your supplier for their HP order number.

2 . Email the order number, Azure AD domain and tenant ID.

3 . The name and email address of someone within the tenant.

4 . Send this information to autopilot.preview.requests@hp.com

You can grab the tenant id by logging into https://aad.portal.azure.com

You can see this information was requested by the Auto Pilot team at HP.

Once you send them the requested information they will send you an encrypted zip file within a few days. They will send you a password separately.

Within the zip file you will see a CSV file containing the serial numbers and hardware ID’s for the devices you ordered.

Next browse to https://devicemanager.microsoft.com and login to the tenant. Browse to Devices -> Windows – Windows enrollment -> Windows Autopilot Devices.

Click on Import, then upload the CSV file containing the serial numbers and hardware ID’s

A few seconds later and your devices will be available and ready to have users and policies assigned to them!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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