How to Remove Unwanted Tiles from Office 365 App Menu

Every now and again I get asked how can I hide unwanted apps from the Office 365 app menu for all users even before they have logged in. Well unfortunately we are rather limited at the moment but proper app management is coming, so for now we can only disable unused applications for users.

One other option is to unpin tiles once you have logged in by clicking the three dots which show up when you hover over a tile. The downside to this is that you cant do this for users automatically in the background unless you fancy logging in to every account you manage ­čÖé

This will suffice for some for now so to unclutter that app menu and hide those unwanted apps here’s how you can do it.

First lets take a look at the default E3 plan app menu, lots of great stuff here but not everyone wants to use them all.

How to Remove Unwanted Tiles from Office 365 App Menu 1

Log into the tenant as an administrator and click on Users, Active users then select one or several of your users then edit the product licenses.

Here we don’t want to make use of the Planner, Sway or Yammer. These are great tools but if you are moving to Office 365 for the first time you may just want to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

Turning off any of these features will remove the tile from the app menu for the selected users. If you enable the features later on then they will be available again.

How to Remove Unwanted Tiles from Office 365 App Menu 2

After saving the changes to the product licenses the users wont see the apps we disabled! If you want to hide the store tile then follow this post: Hide the store tile for all users

How to Remove Unwanted Tiles from Office 365 App Menu 3


Removing unwanted applications from the tile menu is possible by disabling the feature within the product license. Select a single user or multiples with ease so give it a try.

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  1. How do I do this for a group of people? Like in a business.

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    • Person by person, you can’t add them for a full without a guid, or try to use a powershell script that disables all for that particular group.

      Find group membership
      execute the script using MsolService or something similar.

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