How To Create a Teams Meeting Without Having To Start It

Have you organised a teams meeting for a group of people who are internal and external but later found no one can join because you didn’t start it and let them join? Or maybe you are arranging a call between two external people and don’t intent on joining the meeting.

Here’s is how to fix that problem.

First create your teams meeting in the usual way and send out the invite.

Now go back into the teams meeting and select ‘meeting options’.

Click on Meeting Options and this will open up a web page with options for the meeting.

In the ‘Who can bypass the lobby?’ section change the default option from ‘People in my organization’ to ‘People in my organization and guests’. You can also choose from the other options and click on Save.

This will allow anyone to jump straight into the meeting without someone from your organisation having to admit people into the meeting.

Hope this helps!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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