How To Create a Poll In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the standard Office tool for collaboration, meetings, instant chat and file storage within many businesses. It’s packed with handy tools and features and one we love using here at Southern IT Networks are the Polls within chat messages.

You can create a poll and send it out across your organisation and gather feedback. You can even capture that feedback into Excel for later use.

Lets get started!

1. First you will need to enable Forms within your Team. Go to a Team chat and click the three dots.

2. Search for Forms and click on the Forms icon which pops up in the results.

3. Click Add to enable Forms.

4. A new Forms icon will appear at the bottom of the message window. Click on this to start a Poll.

5. Here we are going to create a poll to find out what people would like to do during our next company team building day out.

Add your question and as many options as you wish. When ready click ‘Next’ to continue.

6. Now click send to submit your new poll into the Team chat window.

7. Now everyone in the Team will see the new poll and can submit their options. The results are even displayed in real time!

8. You can even go a step further but viewing the results at any time and even exporting them into Excel.

Log into http://forms.office.com/ and click on your newly created poll.

9. Within this Form you can see the number of responses for each option. If you want to export the results to Excel click on ‘Open in Excel’.

10. Excel will open up showing the results. The results include the time the options were submitted, by who and even what their choices were.

Microsoft Teams is an amazing tool and polls are super easy to use and a great way to gather information from across the business.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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