How To Connect To Another Windows 10 Computer AKA Quick Assist

If you ever need to help someone with an issue and you are both using windows 10 you can use a great tool called Quick Assist to remotely connect to their computer and even control it!

On your computer and the remote computer go to the start menu and type Quick Assist and open up the tool.

On your computer click on Assist another person.

This will generate a security code which you give to the person at the remote computer.

On the remote computer they enter the security code you give then and they click Share Screen.

On your computer you can choose just to view the screen or take full control of it.

On the remote computer they need to click on Allow to accept your connection.

Now from your computer you will be able to control the remote computer and help with the issue they are having!

Quick Assist is a great little remote connection tool. I can see lots of support companies starting to use this to help their clients. This tool is also now being used by Microsoft Support and it’s been working well for me so far helping with clients who don’t already have our usual remote support tools installed.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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