How to Apply for Non Profit and Charity Pricing in Office365

If you are a non profit or are a charity with a valid charity number then your in luck because you could be eligible for highly discounted Office 365 licenses.

Take a typical business premium license, they normally cost £9.40 per month but for a non profit they are only £2.30 per month!

Here is my quick run through of how to apply, showing you the information required and what to expect.

This guide is for setting up a brand new tenant in Office 365. We have successfully used the same process to apply and then transfer the non-profit status over to an existing tenant so don’t worry too much if you are already using Office 365. You will just have to open up a Microsoft support case to have the entitlement moved to the old tenant.

First go over here to compare the plans and pricing and click Get started Nonprofit sign up page


Select your country and click continue.



Next enter details about your organisation, mission statement and annual operating budget.



Next some address details



Now from the drop down box you can select some form of proof of your non profit or charity status. If you are a charity you select charity number and enter the number in the box and continue. Existing charities with a valid charity number will usually be accepted if you enter the charity number. For non profits it can be hit and miss so upload the most appropriate information you can find to support your non profit status.



Enter your name and email and organisation size.



Enter a valid mobile number to validate you are real and click ‘Text me”. Next enter the code you receive via text message to your mobile.



Save the following details so you can log back into the portal and check the status of your application.



Once you have completed the sign up you will receive the following email confirming your registration. For charities an application is usually approved very quickly 1-3 days. For a non profit it can take a lot longer while Microsoft confirms your not for profit status.



Sit back and wait for another email either confirming acceptance like the one below or to see if you have been declined. If you get declined contact Microsoft and see if you are able to provide any additional proof of your status and you might get lucky. If all else fails, apply for charity status and you will almost certainly qualify.


Once you have been accepted log into the portal and begin setting up your tenant. Add a debit or credit card to the account and purchase your required licenses as the discounted rate!


I hope this has been useful for you, comment below if it has 🙂


Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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