How to Activate OneDrive AutoSave

OneDrive’s new Autosave feature is a great step forward for those of us using Office 365 with Azure AD Joined devices. We can now safely backup our desktop and document files as well as allow for roaming desktops.

Save any document on your desktop or in your documents folder and OneDrive will sync those files to the cloud. From the cloud you can then enable a 3rd party backup system to keep everything safe.

Lets enable it now first ensure you have all your windows updates installed which should get you the latest version of OneDrive.

Right click the Blue cloud icon and select Settings.


Click the Auto-Save tab and click ‘Update folders’.



By default the Desktop, Pictures and Documents folders are selected. You can change which folders get synced and click ‘Start Protection’



Now your files are moved from their usual location under your user profile c:\users\<your profile>\ and moved to your OneDrive folder location. Don’t worry if all of your files start disheartening just let OneDrive do its thing and they will reappear once everything is ready.



OneDrive will now sync your files and folders to the cloud in the background.



Each file and folder on your desktop will now display a green tick if its synced to the cloud or the usual blue arrows if a sync is in progress.



If you look under your usual OneDrive folder location you will now find your Desktop and Documents folders. If you look under your profile location those folders are no longer there.



OneDrive AutoSave is a great feature that i’ve been using for a while now. Just remember its not a backup! just a convenient way to save your desktop and document files to OneDrive so you can access them from any device. If you enable a 3rd party Office 365 backup service such as SkyKick or Datto you can benefit from the cloud sync and a full backup solution.

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Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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