Guest Blogging

Do you love technology and sharing your knowledge, fixes and tricks with others? If so then I need your help!

Over the last 5 years I’ve been sharing my own experiences on this site. Every blog post has been written by me and every time I learn new software or discover how to fix something I try to write a blog post about it. There’s only so much I can learn and write about so I’m looking to expand this blog by opening it up to my fellow engineers to contribute to.

Obviously writing blog posts take time and I know many of the young engineers out there have spare time, are hungry to learn, share and make a few extra $£$ on the side!

Have a look at the blog posts on the home page to get a feel for their length and structure. I try to keep each post to the point, concentrating on one fix or step by step guide on how to set something up. I use lots of pictures and break everything down into easy to follow steps.

If you want to contribute, then drop me an email at ian at slashadmin.co.uk listing the core technologies you work with. (Microsoft 365, Power Apps, Power Automate, IoT, PowerShell Gmail, Unifi, Watchguard, Cisco, VOIP etc). List a few blog post ideas you could write about and ill be in touch.

My Own Guest Blog Work

I love to share my knowledge and experiences with others via my personal blog, my books and by guest blogging for other businesses.

I’m regularly asked to share my experiences for other audiences, those who focus on IT support in general, growing their businesses or managing teams.