Dell Security Peak Performance Conference 2015

Yesterday Andy (A colleague at Southern IT Networks) and myself attended the Dell security conference at Silverstone to get up to speed on the SonicWALL range of firewalls. A few weeks ago we were forced to install a new firewall at a clients site after their Microsoft TMG developed a few issues and couldn’t cope with the attacks it was sustaining from the internet. We consulted a few of our colleagues from other IT companies and decided to give the SonicWALL devices a try. Well long story short all is well again with the client and Dell has done a great job getting us up to speed by lending us a demo unit!

The Venue

We stayed just up the road in a Premier Inn and after a full cooked breakfast we were ready for action. A quick drive down the road and we arrive at Silversone! It was a great choice, lots of room and everyone got to watch some practice circuits during the breaks 🙂


The Event

The event was aimed at both sales and technical people and they gave a good IMG_20151020_092757overview of the product line from the SonicWALL SOHO aimed at the home office user who wants real protection from the internet baddies up to the TZ600 aimed at midsized offices and beyond with the NSA and Supermassive ranges.

For most smaller MSP’s the TZ range will suit the majority of their clients being suitable for up to 70 users. We recently installed one of their NSA3600’s capable of handling up to 200 users on the network.

The great thing about these devices is the interface is the same across the whole range so you only have to learn one new management console. Once you learn the console and what all the features do you can scale up by selecting the appropriate device.

As part of the Dell sales patter they demonstrated how they compare to the competition and we were pleasantly surprised by the results outperforming a majority of other Vendors in terms of rated vs actual performance and time to release fixes for known vulnerabilities.



As I mentioned earlier with these devices you only have to learn one new management console because its used in all of the SonicWALL devices. The same is true for all of the features with the exception of the SOHO unit but even then its only the performance and visualisation features that are missing. This is great for the small and medium businesses because they get all of the features available to enterprise customers.

Features includeIMG_20151020_134703

  • Multiple network interfaces
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Botnet Filtering
  • Geo IP Filtering (Block connections from any country with a single checkbox!)
  • VPN’s
  • Deep Packet Inspection (Scan secured connections HTTPS etc)
  • High Availability and WAN failover
  • Block traffic based on application type or protocol such as Spotify and Bit Torrent

Its early days yet but so far we’ve been very impressed with the SonicWALL range and Dell have been great by lending us the demo unit to play with.

Thanks to Exertis for supplying the hardware and helping us with our initial questions and congratulations to them for winning Distributor of the year!


Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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