Creating Forms in Office 365

Forms is a nice looking and easy to use form and quiz builder app. You can build any number of forms you wish and share them with people internally to your business or make them available to anyone using a special web link. When people fill out the form their responses are saved and can be viewed from within the form app.

You can even build tests or quizzes with ease. Create a test by entering in the test questions, select which answer is correct. When someone takes the test it will display their score and record it to view in the app.

So many great possibilities with this new Office 365 feature, lets jump in and see how its done.

Launch forms from the app launcher

You can create a new form or quiz, lets start by creating a new form.

Give the form a name. Here I’m going to create a short health and safety form to send out to anyone on the internet. Next start adding questions to the form.


When you press Add Question you will get this menu to specify different types of questions.

The four options are Multiple choice answer, open text answer, score type answer and finally a date answer.

Here I’ll select a multiple choice answer. You can add any number of answers you need and select if multiple choices can be selected.

Next I’ll add a date type answer where people have to select a date to answer the question.

Open text questions just give people the chance to write out an answer in a text box.

Finally ill add a score / rating answer. You can select the number of levels and if the score is specified as numbers or star symbols.

Once you have completed your form you can preview it to see how it will look on the web or on a mobile device.

Forms look great and I love the fact you can see how it looks on a mobile device.

Mobile device view.

Selecting Theme from the menu allows you to specify a background colour or even upload your own image to add some branding to the form.

Click on the Share menu option lets you get the link to send to colleagues so they can fill in the form. You can select the link to work for only people in your business or for anyone who has the link.

This form is going to be shared with the general public so I select ‘Anyone with the link can respond’.  Copy the link to send it out in an email or even try embedding it to your website using the options below the link text.

You can view the responses by click on the ‘Responses’ tab within each form or quiz.

If you want to build a Quiz or test its done in the same way as a form. The only major difference is that you can specify correct answers on multiple choice answers.

When someone completes a quiz they will be able to view their score and if they got questions correct or not.



Office 365 forms is a simple way to build sharable forms and quizzes. How will you use them in your business? Feel free to share your forms and quizzes in the comments section.


Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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