Azure: How to filter subscriptions in the preview portal

If you haven’t noticed yet changes are coming in the Azure portal (Appart from the constant updates). I logged in today and I was sent straight into the preview portal so I guess I had better start using it! The preview portal is Microsoft’s new look portal for Azure which has been in development for a while now. Its specifically tailored for use on touch devices but it does have some way to go before its ready but I don’t see anything wrong with the old one so I would say that.

So first thing I wanted to do was filter out our production services so I don’t accidentally delete something I shouldn’t. It was very easy in the old portal but less obvious if you’re new to this one.

Here we can see a list of virtual machines which is showing all machines from all subscriptions.

Filter Subscriptions 1

To filter out the ones you don’t want to see go to the home page by clicking on ‘Microsoft Azure’ in the top left corner. Click on the cog symbol in the top right or go to the ‘Portal settings’ tile on the home page.

Filter Subscriptions 2

Click on ‘All subscriptions’.

Filter Subscriptions 3

Untick any subscriptions you want to hide.

Filter Subscriptions 4

Easy huh! Now we will only see services assigned to the enabled subscriptions. So I can work in our development subscription and delete or edit anything I want without the risk of breaking something I shouldn’t in production.

Filter Subscriptions 5

Filter Subscriptions 6

So there you have it: How to filter subscriptions in the Azure preview portal.

Its only easy when you know!

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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