Azure EndPoint Policy Manager

Do you struggle with implementing templated Microsoft 365 EndPoint policies across multiple clients? I did so I created this handy PowerShell script which can export policies from one tenant and then import them into another!

This script does contain bugs and unknown issues so test it in your test environments first to verify it does what you need and to confirm you understand how it works!

Download EndpointPolicyManager.ps1 using the link below.

To use this script you will need PowerShell 7 installed.

When you first run the script press option 1 and enter the tenant name and follow the instructions to authenticate with the tenant.

Once connected press option 3 to export the policies. This should create an export folder containing all implemented Endpoint policies in json format.

Next choose option 2 to disconnect from the tenant and now choose option 1 and connect to the tenant where you would like to import the policies into.

Now choose option 5 to import the policies.

Finally assign these policies to the required user or computer groups to have them take effect in the tenant.

What was once an error prone and tedious task now take less than 3 minutes to complete thanks to a little bit of PowerShell!


Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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