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I’m Ian Waters and welcome to my blog, a little corner of the internet where I can talk about my experiences and life working in IT.

I work for Southern IT Networks Ltd as the technical director which means my job is varied and often challenging.

We’re a managed Service Provider (MSP) striving to provide the best possible IT support services to businesses in the South East. We take the burden of keeping the IT infrastructure running so businesses can get on with doing what they do best.

I’ve been working in IT for over 15 years now since finishing my Degree in computer science and artificial intelligence. I love technology, learning new things and building systems so working as an IT engineer was inevitable.

I’m a Microsoft guy so most of my skills evolve around their products such as Windows server, Exchange, Active directory, Office 365 and many more.

On the side I love programming, electronics, making stuff and taking things apart!

If you’re interested in a full list of Microsoft qualifications I currently hold then feel free to take a look on the Microsoft website using the link below. Just enter the Transcript ID and Access Code.

Transcript ID: 1169358

Access Code: 6542123587


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