5 Things Often Forgotten while migrating to Office 365

Once you’ve done a few Office 365 migrations you will know of these annoying little jobs that come back to bite you. You can complete a migration and think you’ve done a good job then come Monday morning users come in and the complaints start pouring in. These are my 5 top Office 365 jobs that are often overlooked so take note and enjoy a successful migration.

Re-Attaching Archive PST files

I hate archive PST files but you still find users using them from time to time. I must see if there is a way to disable the archiving feature using group policy! When you complete a migration to Office 365 using a staged or cutover migration you will have to recreate the users profiles. As a result you will have to re-attached the archive files.

Adding Signature

Don’t forget to add the signature back in. Open up the sent items folder and copy out the previous email signature.

Importing AutoComplete file

We all love auto complete and its one of those things that users just cant do without. Its easy to copy out the Auto complete file and copy it back into the users profile.

Clearing Company Domain from AutoComplete file

One gotcha from Migrating to another email system is often that users can’t send each other an email after the migration. If a user tries to send another user in the same domain an email using the autocomplete cache it can bounce back due to incorrect information stored about the old system. A good way to stop this potential issue is to use a tool such as NK2Edit to remove all entries related to the domains you are migrating


Decommissioning Exchange Server

And finally, remember to decommission that old email server, whether it’s Exchange server or some other mail system. Clean up the system by properly removing the software. Do a good job now and it wont catch you out at a later date.


This is my list of often forgotten tasks while performing an Office 365 migration. It’s the little things that count so next time you migrate add these simple tasks to your checklist.

Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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