Outlook 2016 Keeps Prompting for Password

Following the May Windows and Office updates we’ve seen a massive number of issues with clients losing internet connectivity and Outlook messing about. The most recent issues is where Outlook keeps prompting for a Password and it appears to happen after the user changes it and if the tenant is enabled for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Any clients which have exhibited this behaviour the only fix has been to implement the...

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No Network Card After Windows Update KB4088875 and KB4103718

Another round of updates and more issues to resolve, the work of us IT administrators is never done! If you have a PC (Likely windows 7) which has suddenly dropped its network card after applying KB4088875 or KB4103718 then dont worry so has everyone else 😉 We’ve heard some horror stories of 60 servers going offline with this one but the fix so far has been: Reinstall the network card drivers along with any missing chipset...

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