Azure Intune Compliance policy Not evaluated Error 65001 (Not applicable)

Recently I’ve been trying to move fully over to InTune for device management and compliance but ran into an issue getting devices to show as compliant in the portal.

Some devices report in fine but others show compliance policies as ‘Not evaluated’ or they show the Default Device Compliance Policy in an error state showing the error state 65001 (Not applicable).

I opened a case with Microsoft support who have confirmed that there is currently an issue with the InTune interface not reporting back properly. If the device shows as ‘Compliant’ in the ‘All devices’ section then the device is truly compliant.

Below shows Office-pc03 as Compliant but if you click onto the device.

Then click on ‘Device compliance’  you will see that the default policy is in an error state and any other policies will show as ‘Not evaluated’. Very confusing right!

If you click into the default policy you will see the error 65001.

As I mentioned above Microsoft support have assured me that if the device shows as compliant on the devices screen then it is compliant. The errors and warnings you see should be ignored and will be fixed soon.

This was confirmed on 10/07/2018 so if more than a couple of months have passed and you are seeing this exact issue then please raise a case with Microsoft support and let us know what they say 🙂




Author: Ian@SlashAdmin

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